In this episode, we speak to Chris du Toit, My Credit Status' chief technology officer.

Chris explains the different safety measures we take when it comes to users' personal information. Some of the highlights include:


  • With your credit report, you will receive tips to improve your score.
  • Your personal information and data is NOT permanently stored on our system
  • Your personal data is encrypted so no one else can view it
  • We do a person verification (PVS) test to verify the identity of a user before issuing the credit report.
  • My Credit Status (MCS) is an NCR licensed credit bureau reseller
  • We underwent multiple audits and security inspections to comply with the regulations for a license with the NCR
  • We have disaster recovery plans in place should anything go wrong
  • To maintain a license MCS has to undergo quarterly compliance meetings
  • MCS has an independent auditing firm auditing our systems.
  • All the audits get sent to the NCR for review to ensure that we comply with regulations
  • We validate email addresses, then do a personal verification test. If the PVS is passed, the user will be given his credit report.

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