In this podcast, we interviewed Gerrit Viviers from Moonstone Compliance. Gerrit is a National Credit Act (NCA) specialist and in this episode, he shares some invaluable information about the NCA and how the act protects you as the consumer. 


In This Episode

  • If you are a credit provider, you can not prohibit someone from applying for credit with you, however, a credit provider doesn't have to grant you credit.
  • If you are declined for credit, the credit provider has to give you the reason for doing so.
  • A credit provider can not discriminate against you based on gender, sex, religion, etc.
  • If you want to make an early termination to an agreement or early settlement, you can do so at any time - provided that you communicate with the credit provider about the terms of the agreement.
  • When doing an early settlement, the money gets allocated to interest, fees and finally the capital outstanding.
  • If you dispute information on your credit report, the bureaus have 20 business days to investigate the issue. If they can not resolve the issue or get no response from the credit provider, they have to remove it from your credit report.
  • The credit bureaus can't charge you a fee for investigating a dispute.

Gerrit Viviers

About Gerrit Viviers

Gerrit joined Moonstone Compliance and Risk Management in 2017 as its National Credit Act Specialist. He previously worked for one of the big four auditing firms as a forensic attorney where he conducted various credit fraud investigations within the banking sector. Gerrit also held a position as Risk and Compliance Officer at a prominent credit bureau where he was involved with compliance matters relating to loan management systems and obtained invaluable experience within the credit industry across various sectors. Gerrit is an admitted attorney of the High Court and holds a bachelors of accounting and bachelors of laws degree from the University of Stellenbosch.

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