If you are looking for car finance, struggling with your repayments, then you cannot afford NOT to listen to this podcast!

On our show today we interviewed George Simitopoulos the MD of CarFin. 

(CarFin - South Africa’s #1 independent vehicle finance provider. Offering car financing and vehicle solutions along with vehicle refinancing)


In This Episode

  • To apply for vehicle finance, what are the essential criteria’s you look for before approving an application?
  • What if a consumer’s credit history is poor, what advice would you give them?
  • Can a consumer who has come out of debt review apply for vehicle finance?
  • What if a consumer is struggling to pay their car payments on time, especially with what’s happening at the moment with COVID19 what can they do?
  • Can a vehicle be repossessed during level 3 lockdown?
  • If a consumer does get declined, what options do they then have?

George Simitopoulos

About George Simitopoulos 

With over 20 years of business as an entrpreneur he has been able to make use of past experience and knowledge to grow from strength to strength and prides himself as being the pioneer of vehicle re-finance in South Africa.