In this episode, we interviewed one of the leading Consumer Law experts in South Africa, Nicky Campbell from Campbell Attorneys. 

As an expert in her field, she gives us excellent advice when comes to fixing your credit status. Listen to the episode below now to find out how this is possible.


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Nicky Campbell

ABout nicky campbell

Nicky Campbell graduated from Rhodes University, being awarded the Juta prize for the best law student in South Africa. She completed a Master of Philosophy degree in criminological research, at Trinity College, University of Cambridge in the UK. Her thesis studied the efficacy of the death penalty as a deterrent and its applicability to South Africa. It was rated as very original research and was praised for its detailed analysis.

Nicky served her articles at Adams and Adams specialising in trademark litigation and later joined Logan Attorneys, the first boutique law firm dealing with consumer credit matters, where she was appointed the Practice Manager and made a director.

Today, Nicky is seen as one of the leading consumer law experts in South Africa, having written extensively on both the National Credit Act and the Consumer Protection Act.

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