Having inaccurate information on your credit report, particularly negative information can seriously affect your ability to obtain credit when purchasing a home or financing a vehicle.

If you believe there is incorrect information on your credit report you can log a dispute.

My Credit Status uses data from Experian so if you see any errors on your credit report that you received from us then you can certainly log a dispute with Experian to get them removed.


Logging a dispute with Experian is relatively easy. Following these simple steps will help you resolve your dispute as quickly as possible.

What makes a valid dispute?

According to the Experian website, this is what makes a valid dispute:

  • The judgment, sequestration, administration order, default, account information does not belong to you/and or that you have never had dealings with the plaintiff/credit grantor. 
  • The payment profile/account history information has not been updated within the last 60 days.
  • The default data has been settled and not updated within 60 days.
  • An enquiry has been conducted on a credit report that is inaccurate and/or consent was not supplied. This piece of information will not be flagged; however, all other procedures will be followed.
  • The judgment, default, account information was listed as a result of fraudulent activity.
  • The judgment, sequestration, administration order, default, account information has exceeded its retention period.
  • You were not provided with the 20 day notice period for the listing of default information
  • The default information is prescribed.
  • There is a duplicate listing of a judgment, sequestration, administration order, default, account information (or combination of above) for the same debt.
  • Other ad hoc, unfair circumstances have taken place that appear justified and require investigation.

How To Create The Dispute

Once you have gathered all the evidence you need to create your dispute then you are ready to get in contact with Experian. To log the dispute, you need to contact Experian. Here are the details:

Help-desk: 0861 10 56 65
Email: EZA.consumer@experian.com
Fax: 011 707 6786

You must wait up to 20 days

Once Experian has received your dispute information, it could take around 20 business days days to process and complete the dispute. The time frame given is to allow any and all relevant documentation to be mailed between the two parties if necessary.


The source of the dispute will respond to the request/s in one of three ways.

1.That your credit information should be updated

2. That the credit information under dispute be deleted from the credit report


3. That the information remains on the system as initially reported.

Once Experian has completed the request, you will be notified by Experian on the results of your dispute.

Credit Information Ombud

If you are not satisfied with the resolution of your dispute then you can always contact the Credit Information Ombud on 0861 662 837.

Using My Credit Status' dispute generator

When you sign up for the monthly subscription package on My Credit Status, one of the tools you will get access to is our dispute generator. The dispute generator makes it extremely easy to dispute any accounts on your credit report. 

Here's how it works:

  • 1
    Choose which account you want to dispute
  • 2
    Choose if you want to remove, change or update it
  • 3
    Add any supporting documents
  • 4
    Click "Generate Dispute letter"
dispute generator