Everything you need to know about debt counselling

In this episode, we interviewed one of the leading debt counselling experts in South Africa, Benay Sager from DebtBusters.

In this episode, Benay talks about the debt counselling process in South Africa and he talks about some amazing stats that you really need to hear. ​

Some of the interesting highlights in this episode includes:


  • If you go on to debt counselling you can get back into the lending world without any "black eyes"
  • Over a million people have been through debt counseling successfully
  • When going into debt counselling, a third of your net income will be used to pay back creditors
  • And much more...

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Benay Sager

ABout Benay sager

Benay is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at DebtBusters. His educational background includes a Master of Business Administration, Ph.D. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, all from the Georgia Institute of Technology In Atlanta, GA, USA.

DebtBusters is South Africa’s largest and most trusted multi award-winning Debt Management company and they have already helped over 60 000 consumers manage their debt.

To learn more about Benay and DebtBusters, go to: www.debtbusters.co.za


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