In this episode we speak to Premlin Pillay from XDS Credit Bureau.

Premlin gives us really insightful information when it comes to credit bureaus and how they calculate credit scores. Listen to the podcast below.


In This Episode

  • Who can legally list negative information about a user?
  • As South Africa is battling with the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, many consumers have been left with the inability to earn an income or they are receiving less income due to reduced working hours. What impact will this have on their credit scores?
  • South Africa's major banks have introduced various measures to assist consumers impacted by the COVID-19 disaster. Most of the assistance comes in the form of a debt repayment holiday on all kinds of loans. Does this have an impact on a person's credit score?
  • What advice would you give on how consumers can handle their credit score during this pandemic to minimise its impact on their credit score?
  • How many disputes do get corrected, and can you explain the process that happens behind the scenes when a user disputes information with a credit bureau?

Premlin Pillay

About Premlin Pillay

Premlin has over twenty years of experience in financial services with executive roles across Risk, Operations and Technology. He currently heads up Strategy, Analytics and Data for EOH Information Services. Premlin joined EOH Information Services after the sale of his business HTSA, a niche risk and technology advisory consultancy which he founded in 2012.

Prior to that, he was the COO for Wholesale and Retail Risk for South Africa and the Africa Region at a global bank with a significant footprint acrossthe continent. His role encompassed Operations, Technology, Data and Analytics. Notably he led the firm wide Risk Model Development Platform project, the Single View of Risk program and the Basel2 and BCBS239 Regulatory programs