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Use our 2018 income tax calculator to calculate how much tax you will be paying on your income.

How to use this calculator

To see how much you will be paying based on your monthly salary, enter your age and your monthly salary. This will show you the basic take home salary and tax amount. If you want to see an accurate amount, use all the fields provided in the calculator. You can deduct certain items such as retirement funds and medical expenses but they are all optional.


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This is the salary received from your employer.
This includes taxable interest earned, rental income and any other monthly income that you have received, other than the amount inserted under 'Monthly Salary' above.
An example of a deduction would be an expense that you had to produce the OTHER MONTHLY INCOME like rental income. For example, if you have received R15 000 in rental income but you had expenses of R1000 to produce this income. The R1 000 would qualify as a deduction.
This is the total of all proceeds from the disposal of all capital assets less the base costs, any exclusions, losses and the annual exclusion (currently R40 000) and multiplied by the inclusion rate of 40%.
This is your monthly contribution to a pension and provident fund. Do not include your employer's contribution.
What is your employer's contribution to unapproved risk benefits? Unapproved risk benefits are those benefits that are provided outside of your retirement fund.
What is your employer's contribution to retirement annuity, provident fund or pension fund.
The monthly contribution charged by your medical aid scheme.
The average monthly amount you spend on medical expenses not covered by your medical aid.
The number of people registered as dependents on your medical aid.
* Required fieldsCALCULATE


Monthly income tax: 0
Net monthly income: 0
This is your nett income after deducting your tax liability, contribution to retirement funds, medical aid funds, out of pocket medical expenses and deductions against other income into account.
Difference in monthly tax: 0
How much more (+) or alternatively less (-) tax you will pay from 01 March onwards.

How much less tax will I pay if I maximise my deductible retirement contributions?

Amount available as an additional deduction (monthly): 0
Tax due after applying additional contribution (monthly): 0
Tax savings after applying additional contribution (monthly): 0
Whilst the calculator intends to cater for multiple scenarios and every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this calculator, the results should be used as an indication only. This calculator may not be suitable for persons with a more complex tax scenario and who earn other forms of income that is not catered for on this calculator.

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