Why You Should Check Your Credit Report Often
More... Viewing your credit report, builds and maintains good credit. It is one part of managing your personal finances. It[...]
Shocking statistics about credit scores in SA
South Africa has one of the World’s highest unemployment rates and things aren’t improving much. More than 30% of youth,[...]
How to Use Your Credit Card To Improve Your Credit Score
More... Having access to credit can save you when things do not go according to plan and you need short-term[...]
How To Improve Your Credit Score By 100 Points
More... Statistics show that only 3% of the 24 million South Africans with credit access and understand their credit reports.[...]
Credit Utilization and What You Should Know About It
Your credit utilization rate consists of how much you currently owe divided by your credit limit This rate can impact[...]
How does credit cards influence your credit score
Credit cards have an impact on your credit score whether you have one or not. Credit bureaus keep a close[...]


Vehicle Finance Calculator
Want to purchase a new car? Use our vehicle finance calculator below to see what your monthly loan repayments will[...]
Personal Loan Repayment Calculator
Want to get a personal loan but you aren't sure what your monthly payment would be? Use this calculator below[...]
Life Insurance Calculator
Do you care for your family? Make sure that they are financially provided for if anything has to happen to[...]
Credit Card Repayment Calculator
Did you know that the average debt per household with at least one credit card is 75% of the household[...]
Retirement Calculator
Did you know that only 6% of South African citizens can retire comfortably? Make sure you don't make the same[...]
Becoming A Millionaire Calculator
Want to find out how long it will take you to save for your first million rand? This calculator will[...]


Can’t Pay Your Loan? Here’s What to Do
Outstanding loans can incur additional fees, legal costs and a lawsuit if you ignore your loan provider’s notices and don’t[...]
Why it’s so crucial to avoid late payments
More... Lenders determine whether you’re creditworthy by accessing your credit score. A poor credit score can affect your ability to[...]
10 Things to keep in mind when collection agencies phone you
More... If you have outstanding debt, they are going to phone. The best course of action is to open up[...]
How collection agencies make money with your debt
Collection companies are like any other companies, they want to make money and your debt and guilt is what they[...]
5 Reasons You Need Legal Assistance With Creditors
Are you or do you know of anyone who is:Struggling to meet your monthly debt repayments?Getting calls from pesky credit[...]
What type of debts affect your credit score and how?
The simple answer is all debt…Unless you borrow money from a friend or relative, all and any debt will appear[...]


Your Legal Rights under the NCA
In this podcast, we interviewed Gerrit Viviers from Moonstone Compliance. Gerrit is a National Credit Act (NCA) specialist and in[...]
Everything you need to know about debt counselling
In this episode, we interviewed one of the leading debt counselling experts in South Africa, Benay Sager from DebtBusters. In[...]
How to improve your credit record
In this episode, we interviewed one of the leading Consumer Law experts in South Africa, Nicky Campbell from Campbell Attorneys. [...]


Massive Update And NCR Approval
After months of hard work, today we are pleased to announce the release of a new and completely revamped[...]


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