Your Legal Rights under the NCA

In this podcast, we interviewed Gerrit Viviers from Moonstone Compliance. Gerrit is a National Credit Act (NCA) specialist and in this episode, he shares some invaluable information about the NCA and how the act protects you as the consumer.

Some of the highlights in this episode:

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Everything you need to know about debt counselling

In this episode, we interviewed one of the leading debt counselling experts in South Africa, Benay Sager from DebtBusters.

In this episode, Benay talks about the debt counselling process in South Africa and he talks about some amazing stats that you really need to hear. ​

Some of the interesting highlights in this episode includes:

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How to improve your credit record

In this episode, we interviewed one of the leading Consumer Law experts in South Africa, Nicky Campbell from Campbell Attorneys. 

As an expert in her field, she gives us excellent advice when comes to fixing your credit status. Listen to the episode below now to find out how this is possible.

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